Barbara Inglehart







As a Costume Designer, my function is to define the character through clothing, taking into account historical references, script requirements, actor needs, and artistic flair.


¨ The creative collaboration between the Costume Designer, Director, Production Designer, Director of Photography and every member of the design team ensures that the costumes are smoothly integrated into the production, enhancing the overall look of the project.


¨ The Costume Designer chooses “the look” for each character, making an immediate and powerful visual statement to the audience.


¨ The clothing a character wears helps to tell the story.


¨ In this day of budget conscious productions, it is imperative to constantly balance budgetary constraints and schedule practicalities along with creative choices and quality production.

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Barbara Inglehart

Costume Designer                    

· An overall design begins with the smallest of details.


· Creating a character through clothing entails much more than simply putting on clothing.


· The camera captures clothing differently than the eye does.