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Good costume design seamlessly links

the actor to their character.

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Barbara Inglehart

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“Totally Minnie”

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50th Anniversary Special


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The art of good Costume Design occurs when an actor is dressed as their character and the following factors have been designed into the silhouette, color, texture, and movement of the clothing:


· Character backstory

· Economic status

· Story action

· Relationships within the script

· Historical relevance

· Age

· Geographical region

· Sense of personal style

· Character conformity


I believe that every project begins with good research.


The script inspires my creativity, the director and actors add additional layers, thus helping to bring the characters to life.


As a Costume Designer, my function is to define the character through their clothing, the actor then adds their interaction with the environment.


My experience has taught me that a good Costume Designer  needs to be resourceful, have the ability to solve problems,  and to stay flexible throughout the production.


By example, I set the work ethic for my costume department by being a good team leader.


My costume department helps to set the tone for the day as one of the first production people interacting with the actors  each morning.